A window in to my working process when working with a client. We'll be looking at work produced for the Hire-a-Helper blog and what went in to the final illustrative process.

For the project with Hire-a-helper, the Art Director discussed with me the premise of the article I was to illustrate for. It was a spiritual successor to another article from a few years ago that needed to be updated for post-covid. When working with any client, I like to have a rough idea of where the brief is headed so I can see the end goal and work backwards through the ideation phase. It can be fun to pick words and key phrases that inform sketches and roughs and run wild with ideas.


For this particular work, I knew it had to be linked somewhat to the previous article but that it needed to stand out on its own as a different piece of media with a similar throughline. I knew the idea of movement post-covid when whole populations were confined to small spaces could be overwhelming so I wanted to represent that in the roughs I presented. (See below)

For this particular piece, the art director was looking for over-the-top was of planning emigrating to another country. Hire-a-Helper is all about finding movers to help with your move, so it needed to be a little more tongue-in-cheek. While we both felt option two was a more dynamic composition, the art director went with option one and wanted to pack the planning board something akin to Charlie Day in Always Sunny in Philadelphia (something I had originally held back on doing). Something so over the top and cartoonish that wouldn't necessarily happen in real life but would be a great representation of mental planning process. See below.

Once the revised rough is approved, I began the color process using a similar colour scheme to the previous illustration to keep the link between the two articles. Some changes were revised to add additional imagery for all the places listed in the article as key emigration points for those moving from the US. 

Image done and approved!

You can see the whole process below in the timelapse video.